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Pilot Study on KwaZulu-Natal Townships  


Ithala Development Finance Corporation (IDFC) is a KZN Provincial development agency, which is mandated to promote economic development within the province. One of the programmes that IDFC is currently involved in entails the revitalisation of the townships.


IDFC appointed Lindon Corporation to undertake the study of four KZN townships namely uMlazi, KwaMashu, Esikhawini and iMbali.


The aims of the study included:


1. Provision of a well-informed required intervention in the area of business growth and development for township businesses;


2. Detailed sustainable initiatives that will ensure small business development in the townships become part and parcel of provincial economy agenda and policy discussion, and


3.  Provide ideas on how small business in townships could create jobs, generate wealth and bring about improved quality of life in each township.



The analysis and findings are presented in the final report of the study.



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