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Inanda Dam Tourism Cluster: Hotel, Conference Centre and Cultural Village


Lindon Corporation undertook a pre-feasibility study on a tourism cluster opportunity at the Inanda Dam (Durban, South Africa) on behalf of Tourism KZN (TKZN) and the local tribal authority. The tourism cluster, which would be a public-private-partnership (PPP) transaction, included a deluxe-suite waterfront hotel, a conference centre and a cultural village integrated with the local Zulu community.


The scope of work included site identification for the various products, development of product concepts, market assessment, PPP transaction assessment, artist’s impression of the development and a financial performance assessment.


The final stage of the assignment was the development of an investment prospectus for distribution to potential developers and investors.

The end result was a well-packaged concept with a recommendation for a more detailed assessment to be undertaken.

The potential number of jobs that could be created by this tourism cluster project was approximately 150.


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