lindon Corp

       “No man is an island”  

                                                       - John Donne (1572-1631)

Lindon Corporation partners with reputable South African professionals that complement our skills and share our vision. Our alliances, forged over many years with industry experts, enable Lindon to offer a comprehensive solution to clients, no matter what the scale or scope of the project is.

Our experts, all of whom are accredited with their respective Professional Councils, come from the following disciplines: 

  • Architecture;
  • Built Environment/Construction;
  • Academia;
  • Engineering (Agriculture, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical);
  • Environment (Audits, Scoping, EIA, EMP, etc.);
  • Finance;
  • Land Survey and Town Planning;
  • Media Production (print and digital).


Peek into our Library and share in some of our knowledge. Should you need a Solution customized to your specific needs and circumstance, please Contact Us.   





Great companies are not built on profit alone. They are built on the positive difference they make to their customers, shareholders and to the communities around them. At Lindon Corporation, this is exactly what we do